Welcome to Managing the Morrises

I’m going to start by saying thank you for clicking on this and your interest and support of this blog.

So, Welcome!

About 4 times a week I get asked how I manage to do everything that I do. From running my household, teaching kindergarten once a week, full time homeschool mom, running and teaching a MDO program, exercise, teaching and taking Bible studies, and trying to drink enough water in between what you just read. IT IS BUSY. But, how I do it? Honestly, by the grace of God.

My smoking hot husband gave me the idea of making a blog. Sharing my tips and tricks, and experiences with you guys. So, if you like the blog, make sure to send him some golf balls or something😉 and a special thank you to the friends who have encouraged and lent support along the way from the time I mentioned this crazy adventure!

While I am still growing everyday as a wife, mother, friend, and everything in between, I would love to share my journey with you! I pray that in some way I can encourage you in an area or areas that you need, just as I have been encouraged by the Godly women in my life.

I hope to cover everything from scripture to laundry detergent with you all and most definitely funny memes.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride with me!

Again, welcome to Managing the Morrises❤️